I am the horse: Lise Haller-Baggesen and Iris Bernblum

Opening Reception on Sunday, June 3, 3-6pm.  Story Time program with Lise Haller Baggesen and Iris Bernblum on Saturday, June 16th at 1pm.

Exhibition on view through July 14, 2018 


I am the horse

I am the horse people should bet on

I am the person who will likely save you from a fire

I am the person who is black smoke

And blows black smoke in your eyes

I am the squeaky noise at night

I am the tables, and paper, and slugs

I am the thing that most excites you

I am the thing that most excites you

I am the horse that you should bet on

When you put your money down

Things are wild here

Everywhere around the green

Snakes, bobcats, and foxes

The purple flowers look wild

I am wild

My husband keeps me in his room so as not to upset the neigh-


The wildest thing about me is my arrogance

Which turns to anger

Over language

People put so much stock in wild language

I wander, an animal

Over hills

The civilized path, the orange sun

Do I dare mention God in this poem?

God is wild, and not human

And when people make God human

He stares at you through the eyes of a bear

And beats his terrible bearded chest

And guffaws into the stars

O the night, mysterious and purple

And the shining rocks

None of them are sins in their

Lack of humanity

So why am I so horrible to look at,

With my wild hair

And my furry breast

And mouth

–Dorothea Lasky


Lise Haller Baggesen. “Grown-Up Refusenik, Copenhagen, October 2017.” Digital Photograph. Photo credit: Lise Haller Baggesen.
Iris Bernblum, “Pretty baby,” 2018. archival inkjet print, spray paint, 20 x 30 inches. Courtesy of Aspect/Ratio Gallery, Chicago.