Art Books Resale

Help support Goldfinch by donating your gently-used contemporary art books to our Art Books Resale Shelf, available for your perusal any time the gallery is open. All proceeds support exhibitions and events at Goldfinch. Contemporary art-related exhibition catalogues, monographs, art theory and history books welcome but we do not need donations of art magazines. We’re especially interested in quirky titles, rare art books–unique contemporary art texts that will help keep our shelves eclectic, interesting, and eminently browse-able. Because our shelf space is limited, we’re choosy about which books we accept. If you need to unload a lot of books or magazines at once, try Goodwill, Half Price Books, or your local high school or library.

Here’s what we currently have on the shelves – please come visit in person to browse and purchase! All books are priced UNDER what Amazon resellers are offering them for, and we’re happy to negotiate price if there’s a book you really want but can’t quite afford.